Inside the Priory of Sion

The book begins with the history, members and structure of the Priory of Sion and how it seeks to influence society through culture and art. It reveals the inner workings of a secret society as it seeps information into the public domain.

“What if alternative history, a release that would be shocking whole, is let out piecemeal.”
The Priory of Sion

Known for revealing the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene Sion maintains they have proof of the marriage.

“The marriage of Jesus and Mary is recorded on stone tablets “
The Priory of Sion

These stone tablets and other evidence of this heresy are hidden in the South of France near a town called Rennes-le-Chateau. The landscape was altered for use as a place of initiation and a hidden temple at its centre to represent the New Jerusalem.

“There is a Menorah present.”
The Priory of Sion

Over time it became apparent that Sion considered the bloodline as a starting point to prepare the public for greater revelations about the secrets of Rennes-le-Chateau.

"FULL knowledge the SECRET at Rennes-le-Chateau confers a very real and potentially world-shattering power were it ever in the wrong hands."
The Priory of Sion

The Rennes mystery had two coded parchments circulating since the 1970s that refer to a painting by Teniers the Younger, the original of which has been hidden in a secret location for the past 80 years. The only accurate copy of this painting is on loan from Sion for inclusion in the book.

“This speaks of a Christianity that was far more sacred and mystical, a pure form, nearer to what Jesus was teaching.”
The Priory of Sion

By redeeming Mary Magdalene we begin to reinstate the empowered sexually active feminine so repressed in the western psyche. This is a path to gnosis, direct knowledge of God. It requires no church or Pope and is the reason the bloodline is so feared and attacked by the Catholic Church.

”Sion's goal is of world unity, evolution of man to the next rightful stage.”
The Priory of Sion

The idea of the bloodline also leads to a notion of a Second Coming. But first a spiritual vacuum in the West will create a need for a messianic figure. This event was foretold in the Book of Revelation and Sion further warns of an impending apocalypse that will change the world and as the Priory of Sion revealed to me:

“(the apocalypse) will happen within your lifetime.”
The Priory of Sion

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Inside the Priory of Sion is the next exciting chapter of The Holy Blood   The Holy Grail... Out of all the books I've read since The Holy Blood   The Holy Grail, this is the only book that brings new light to the subject...
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