The Illuminati

The Illuminati: The Counter Culture Revolution from Secret Societies to Anonymous and Wikileaks

by Robert Howells

ISBN: 9781780288727 - Watkins Publishing Ltd - October 2016

I saw in Anonymous and WikiLeaks the same drive to fight corruption and to make governments honest that I saw in the original Illuminati. An energy that underpins counter culture throughout history by valuing the individual above governments, religions, corporations and kings.

The noble intentions of the Illuminati to expand and protect human rights and free society from the constraints of government control echo through the ages. Today Anonymous advocate privacy as a human right and WikiLeaks expose the corruption at the heart of those who hold power. There is a war between the connected communities of the digital age and the agencies our government's employ but if humanity is to remain free then it must fight those who would monoitor, censor and incarcerate those who challenge corruption.

The Illuminati believed in a meritocracy, where those in power were appointed by their aptitude to be in service of the people. It is still possible to create change as people should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of the people.

The Illuminati


Throughout history governments, dictators and religious leaders have fought to hold power by either force or manipulation. To counter these there have always been secret societies and groups working in the shadows for the emancipation of humanity.

The Illuminati formed in 1776 among European Freemasons and academics with the intention of liberating humanity from physical, mental and spiritual bondage. This brought them into conflict with the ruling elite but during their brief incarnation they encapsulated the entire ethos of counter-culture into a single system of organized dissent that is still relevant today.

Facing inevitable persecution the Illuminati chose to take refuge within a myriad of other societies to ensure their ideals would continue to find a voice in the many counter-culture movements for the next three centuries until they eventually resurfaced as a myth in the 1970s.

The term Illuminati has since became synonymous with the idea of a New World Order devoted to control, enslavement and exploitation at the hands of banking cabals and the world's elite. But while their name was being usurped by the conspiracy theorists, a new form of dissent was taking shape that upheld their aims.

The connected communities of the internet age form the current counter-cultures with Anonymous and WikiLeaks becoming the natural successors to the Illuminati philosophy. Their hacktivist ideals helped them play a key role in the Arab Spring uprisings just the Illuminati were a driving force in the dissent that culminated in the French Revolution.

With emerging technology there is an opportunity for everyone to become an agent of change but the war against personal liberty is growing every day as the corrupt corporations and government agencies try to criminalise privacy and personal freedom.

This book is both the story of that that war and a call to arms.