Rob Howells

Robert Howells is a writer and research of esoteric subjects. His first book,
Inside the Priory of Sion was published on October 13 2011. His latest book,
The Last Pope, was published on June 4th 2013.


The Last Pope is released in print and Kindle edition.

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The Last Pope


Published June 2013

Francis and the Fall of the Vatican. St Malachy's Prophecies.

The Prophecies of the Popes give clues to the identity of the popes from the 12th century to present day. This book begins by examining prophecy and prediction from religious, historical, psychological and scierntific perspectives and then takes up the challenge of solving the clues to each of the popes Francis who is described as the last pope who will oversee the fall of Rome.

Watkins Publishing, Paperback: 304 pages, ISBN 9781780285696

Inside the priory of sion


Published 13 October 2011

This book reveals the inner workings of a secret society, the Priory of Sion, as it releases information into the public domain.

What if alternative history, a release that would be shocking whole, is let out piecemeal.” The Priory of Sion

Watkins Publishing
Paperback: 320 pages, ISBN 9781780280172

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